Tech How To: Awesomize Your Windows Environment
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Tech How To: Awesomize Your Windows Environment

Tired of the same looking Windows? Seems like your computer really isn't unique or personal? Well, here's a quick way to make your windows look awesome and get away from the default stuff.

Note: There are different ways and softwares to customize your win-environment but I'll talk about CustoPack tools since it's the easiest to use.
First a preview of one of the many ways your windows might look like after:
Preview one: My Computer
Preview two: Notepad
Preview three: MS Word 2010 Starter
Preview four: Google Chrome
I would have included the taskbar but it's mostly hidden and I didn't customize it much. There's a bunch more awesome customizations available. I'll show you how.
**1. Install CustoPack**
Download it [here]( While downloading proceed to step 2.
**2.  Choose a Theme**
Browse the themes [here]( Once you find one you like. Download it and leave it for now. My theme is [Adaigo]( Some themes modify just a few elements while others customize everything from the logon screen to the taskbar and adds a nice transparency or changes most of the folder icons. I also suggest [Elune]( theme.
**3. ** **Run CustoPack and Install a Theme**
Choose "Choose a CustoPack"
You'll be able to see a bunch of themes you've downloaded. Click one and it'll ask you to install the theme. Spam the next button until the installation finishes. It'll need a restart. So do it.
It's done. You'll see that the your windows environment has been awesomized (Well thats if you didn't choose the damn twilight theme). 
A few more things you can do:
**4. Modify RocketDock**
Some themes come with RocketDock which is a Mac-like object/app launcher. I'll make a more in-depth customization tutorial for it later.
**5. Modify Desktop Wallpaper and Logon Screen**
If the default wallpaper doesn't suit your style go ahead and change it. You can choose "edit current CustoPack" and it's pretty easy from there to change the Wallpaper and Logon screen.
That's it! Pretty easy and straight forward. Oh sometimes CustoPack crashes, just relaunch problem if that happens. Have fun!