Tech How To: Shiny Blue Facebook
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Tech How To: Shiny Blue Facebook

Ok so my blog is back after zillion internet years (equivalent to a few months in normal human time). Anyway, here's a nifty little trick.
Since you probably use Facebook a lot because we happen to be humans who prefer to interact via the net instead of actually talking to each other. Here's how to give it a different look.
Note: No, it doesn't give you black bars duh. The gray area is what you get when you highlight a post. Feel free to search for my good friend "Jason Dy Music" on Facebook or you tube.  Chrome Only:
**1. Install Chrome**
Obviously you need chrome. I don't know if there's an equivalent in Firefox or  IE. Anyway, download and install chrome if you're not using it yet.
**2. Install Stylish**
Stylish is a chrome extension. What it basically does is give you available "themes" per website. So you can have individual sites looking differently. Grab it [here]( <--it's a hyper-link if you haven't noticed
**3. Install Theme**
Ok so now that you've got Chrome and Stylish installed. [Download this]( particular theme. Click install and Stylish will do the rest.
There you have it! Now bathe in the new shiny blue Facebook awesomeness. You can also add skins to different website. Just click the Stylish icon in Chrome and find a theme you like and it'll skin the website to a new look!
**Note: Why do this? **
I find websites with heavy use of white a big eye strain especially during night when you're only source of light is a laptop so I'm making my desktop, windows environment and everything else mostly black or dark blue.  I've recently just switched to a laptop and find this horrendously eye-straining.
It wouldn't be much of a problem to a desktop since you're farther away from the screen, laptops are much closer though especially if you use it in bed or don't have a workspace for it.  And yeah this site is white heavy so I'm going to change it probably (or not visit/update it lol).