Tech How To: YouTube Hacks
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Tech How To: YouTube Hacks

First, a hack is not simply accessing a bunch of secured files (that's the Hollywood definition) anyway a hack could also mean a nifty trick.
Let's face it we use YouTube all the time whether it be for watching [two babies argue]( or just wasting your brain cells singing to [friday]( So here's a few nifty hacks to for the ever popular YouTube.
Note: Most of the stuff or rather all of them use Google Chrome. There's a 98% chance that there's also a Firefox equivalent.
**1. Download Videos with integrated YouTube Download Button.**
There are a few hundred different ways to download videos on the site but I find this one most efficient.
Note: No, it won't make your YouTube site go purple.We'll get to that later.
As shown in the screenshot, I've got a dedicated download button on YouTube videos. So how do you do that? If you've got Google Chrome installed: Download this [extension]( <---Hint: I'ts a link. And once you browse a new video you'll see the new button. It always you to download videos in FLV or MP4.
**2. Stop the Damn Auto Play **
 If you're like me who wonders why would someone choose to automatically play videos (esp with slow internet) this one's a must.  So again download another Chrome extension. [Here]( and enjoy!
**3. Convert Videos to MP3**
You sometimes have the dilemma of hearing a new fangled song and you want to put it in your playlist or on your fancy-pants iPod Touch or equivalent.  Here's how. 
a. Copy a YouTube video link. 
Example 1: [](
Example 2: [](
b. Go to[ Vid To MP3 Website]( or [](
c. Paste YouTube Address
Don't forget to choose High Quality :D
d. Wait.
e. Click Download
**4. Once Click Video Search**
Another chrome extension. This one gives you a YouTube Button on your browser. Once you click it. Just type away a query! Oh it has the ever so useful auto-complete too. [Download here.](
**5. Change YouTube's Look with Stylish**
Just like the [Facebook Hack]( I posted a few days ago, this one involves Stylish Google Chrome Extension. [Download stylish here.](  Go to YouTube Site and click the Stylish button and choose a new look! :D
Purple YouTube link: [](
Here's one more hack but I haven't personally tried yet.
**6. Disable Those Comments**
Why? Seriously you only get 1/10000 intellectual comment on videos so why bother reading through those?
[Download ]( disable all those dumb comments. Oh how we wish we could filter dumb comments .