Support Charity and Get Games: Humble Indie Bundle (Now with Android)
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Support Charity and Get Games: Humble Indie Bundle (Now with Android)

Stats as of posting. Check out the site [here](
I haven't posted in some time. Nothing permanent like my older blogs but rather I've spent some more time job hunting and being sick. I've been hit by the all too common cold and I hope I get up to speed soon enough because I have a lot of stuff to do!

Anyway, today I want to feature The Humble Indie Bundle. Let's answer the who, what, when and why.

The What and Whys of The Indie Bundle

The humble bundle is a bundle of games for a ridiculously low amount but there's more to it than that. Indie or non-major developers/publishers (EA, Ubisoft) join up to get their games into a compilation. Usually it's 4 or more games. Sometimes it also includes some extra's like soundtracks. There's no exact date or season as to when indie bundles happen though.

Pay what you want. That's right. There is no lower or upper limit to the amount you can pay. If you happen to pay above the average amount (as of writing is $5.67) you can get another game on top of the ones you paid for. I've seen a few indie bundles add new games after the initial bundle (so you might get another game for free).

What about charity? When you set the amount of money you want to pay, you can determine what part of it goes to the developer and what amount goes to charity. You can also give them a tip if you're so kind.

Now with Android

Another great thing about the bundle is that the games are cross-platform. What does that mean? If the game is available for Mac, Windows and Linux, you can get the installer with no restrictions anytime. It's like how you wish that DVD you bought could (easily) work on your home theater, computer and mobile.

The reason I bought the current bundle is besides just recently having a credit card is that it now has Android games. If you've scanned the market, there is a severe lack of quality games. There are a lot of games that are great but lack depth. World of Goo is a unique building/structural engineering game that's already worth 4-5 dollars in the market but you get it with the bundle if you pay even a cent above the current average.

I can get the 4 games for Android, play it on my PC, support developers and support charity? Wow. Oh the payment is a painless process. I had an account and hey it works. Awesome!

How Do I Get My Games

The process is after the verified payment (more or less 1 minute in my experience) they will send you a link and you can get the installers from that link. You can request and re-download games anytime(I think). For Android, you can install the APK manually (see below).

Site and Promo Ad

So if I haven't convinced you to buy it yet or you'd just like to browse then their site is here. Trailers are below. If you're interested in how to install the Android games then check out the video here.