Never Carry Around a USB Again with Dropbox
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Never Carry Around a USB Again with Dropbox

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I saw an article today about the creator of Dropbox (via [LA times](,0,6541893.story)). I've been using the service for years now and it's help has been tremendous. So what exactly is Dropbox? It's your folder accessible anywhere, anytime and on any device. It doesn't matter if you have a Windows machine. It doesn't matter if you're using your smartphone. If you want to access your folder you can.

The Magical Dropbox Folder and Cloud Technology

Cloud technology seemed like a new idea a few years ago. In simple terms, you are not using your computer to process or save anything. You are storing your files "on the internet". If you used sites like mediafire or filedropper or even email yourself to get access or share files, you don't need to any longer. It's now much much simpler.

With dropbox you simply place your file in one folder and it's automatically uploaded. No need to wait for your file, search your inbox or remember urls.  Just look at your folder and it's there. If you have a smartphone, there's an app to access your files. If you're using someone else's computer, log-in to the website with your account details and your files are there. If you're on a new computer, install the Dropbox program (then really you forget its there) and it will automatically download all your files from the folder.

Other Major Features

Dropbox has more awesomeness built-in. There are a lot more features than what I just said above. There's automatic backups and the ability to restore deleted files (you can pick a version too).  Another important feature is the ease of sharing. If you want to share any file, simple place it in a folder marked "public" then right-click > get public download link. Share the file to anyone with no time limit.

The biggest feature of Dropbox is collaborating with others. You get to share a folder with a Dropbox user. All you need to do is invite a person to "share" a folder and that's it. Whatever you put inside that folder is visible and accessible to the person you shared it with instantly. It's a lifesaver and time saver for group projects.

Dropbox's use can also be extended with apps. There are apps which sync to your Dropbox folder. One application is Akira developed by my friend Karl. Check it out here. Akira allows you to view the contents of a folder. run an application and shutdown the PC remotely (along with other nifty features).

The Catch?

Something this good must have a catch right? Unfortunately it does. You only start out with 2GB for free. You can extend it up to 8GB by sending referrals to other people or doing some simple tasks like taking a tour, etc. If you decide to pony up $10 you can get 50GB. If you only save your documents, 2GB is more than enough. It will be lacking if you decide to save pictures or video but for all the other features it's a darn good deal.

Thinking About Registering

If you decide to use Dropbox, you can help me out by registering through this link [here]( or []( It'll help me out by extending my free storage by 250 MB. Thanks!
If you want to read more about cloud computing. Wikipedia link is [here](