Food Review: Tapa King
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Food Review: Tapa King

You've heard of reviews and you've heard of food (hopefully) but have you ever heard of food reviews? Of course you have. It's just that most of the food reviews we see are in the other side of the world. We're about to change that. Here's the 1st EVER blog [citation needed] that reviews foods in the Philippines.

The review format is in an easy to read what-I-liked-what-I-hated format. I then give a rating out of five out of the probability that my taste buds would like to be entertained by the same food again.

Today's Review: Tapa King's Tapa Prince

Menu Picture (courtesy of Tapa King Website) vs Actual Picture

Tapsilog or any silog for that mater is a very Pinoy breakfast. Contrary to what your grandparents tell you, eating an egg a day is totally ok and won't send your cholesterol levels through the roof.

What I liked:
Sweet Tapa: The tapa is nicely cooked in pieces of just the right size. I'm not a fan of the usual maalat tapa so this is just right up my alley. I can't be too sure whether it was soaked in a sauce or some sort of oil. The size is not too long, not too short and at just the right thickness and definetly not to the rubbery kind.

Atchara: What the hell is this thing anyway? I don't usually like it but Tapa King's version has just the right amounts of sweetness and was that a tad bit of sour aftertaste. Whatever. It's not the "eww vegetable" kind usually found everywhere atachara is served.

Sunny Side Up: I'm very picky on how sunny side up eggs are cooked. I don't like it a tad raw where the egg yolk looks like its going to flood the whole plate. I also hate it overcooked where the egg looks like a piece of 5-year-old plastic toy. It has to be perfectly cooked in that it doesn't look OR taste oily. It has to have that nice bit of crispy burnt layer below and the yolk is just in between solid and liquid form.

What I hated:
Expensive: This whole package comes at 125. That is some expensive tapsilog and it doesn't even have drinks yet. I can't say if it's at the right price because Tapa King is not a higher end fastfood chain nor a restaurant. This doesn't make it something you'd like to eat every few days.

Needs Coffee: For 125 that should have included some coffee and it would have been perfect with the meal. Everybody loves some coffee in the morning.

Final Thoughts:
Definitely some a great Brunch. If you hadn't had breakfast and just about to eat your lunch, the price tag is justified. It's more of a craving food you'd eat once every few lazy Sundays after waking up at about 11am.

Rating: 4 I-can't-think-of-something-to-write-here out of 5