Food Review: Go Greek! Kebab
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Food Review: Go Greek! Kebab

You've heard of reviews and you've heard of food (hopefully) but have you ever heard of food reviews? Of course you have. It's just that most of the food reviews we see are in the other side of the world. We're about to change that. Here's the 1st EVER blog [not really true] that reviews foods in the Philippines.

The review format is in an easy to read what-I-liked-what-I-hated format. I then give a rating out of five out of the probability that my taste buds would like to be entertained by the same food again.

Go Greek! Kebab

Location: Glorietta 4 Food Court/Place/Palace/Mansion/Haven
Store Picture (courtesy of 5 mins of google since I couldn't find a company website) and
Actual Picture of Food (courtesy of my trusty Nikon D40):

I've never tried Greek food before. It's easy to find Japanese, Korean, Italian, Chinese and American food all around malls but Greek food is a bit more uncommon. So I've been curious about Greek food for a while wondering what makes it different from other countries. According to wikipedia, Greek cuisine makes wide use of oils, herbs and various meats. They also use olives, cheese and some other food I'm having a hard time to spell.

Surprisingly enough, what I ordered in "Go Greek!" had those ingredients mentioned. And they say wikipedia wasn't accurate. Included in the kebab meal was rice, kebab of your choice (lamb, chicken, fish, steak, some other animal I can't remember), a salad side and 2 sauces.

On to the review.

What I liked:
Kebab or OKAYBOB (silent o): I hate to use the term perfectly grilled but it is the most apt description. It doesn’t feel under or overcooked. Just right. The meat is very juicy too. Pretty big pieces too.

Cheese Sprinkled Salad?: I'm not the one who usually orders salads but hey it's included in the meal so why not try it? I don't think I've tried salad with cheese-like sprinkles on it. It definitely suits the salad since it gives a nice texture to the food.

2 Sauces made from Awesomeness: In the actual meal picture you'd think one part of the plate was empty but fret not! It's actually a white sauce. I don't know what the hell it's called and I don't really care. The white sauce tastes like the same white shawarma sauce [citation needed].I don't know where it's supposed to be used since my meal came with no instruction manual. I tried it on the salad. What an great combination. Who would have thought those two things could ever be combined? Definitely not me. If your wondering what the other sauce is, I also don't know what it’s called. It’s a sweet green alien-goo looking sauce with foreign food bits. Its awesomely matched with the meat on the kebab.

Feeling Light: I don't mean that it's in microscopic portions. The combination of food is a great meal that makes you full without the eat-all-you-can guilt. Most of the everything is in the right portion for me.

What I hated:
Restaurant Price: Even if that food is that awesome, 195 (and above for the other possible hard to pronounce food) is too much for me. 200 range is the starting restaurant/it-deserves-its-own-separate-store price for me and this isn't it. It's a freaking stall! At least have your own store so I can feel a bit better about the price tag.

More meat on the Kebab Please: I'm not too much of a this-is-my-last-meal-on-earth kind of guy but I love a lot of huge portions of meat since I think that's what I pay for the most. The kebab needs to be extended buy a few more inches with more meat or possibly less whatever that was.
Tomatoes: Man do I hate tomatoes. I cannot stand it's watery icky texture.

Whatever Vegie/Fruit/Alien substance was in the kebab: What is that anyway? Reminds me of tomatoes.

Final Thoughts:
With that my I've finally had a glimpse of Mediterranean food. It's pretty darned good. I'd love to try it again and I do recommend it to you dear reader if you want to try something different. The price tag is a bit high but worth it.

Rating: 4 Finely Chiseled Greek Gods out of 5