Here you'll find the projects I'm working on along.

Answer My Question: Trivia Game (Android)

AMS was a tutorial series I setup before as I learn Android development. The series pretty much ended near the time I started working full-time. The source code is still available for those who want to check it out. At this moment, there are much more up-to-date articles for the budding Android developer. The Android platform has grown rapidly since I wrote the original articles. There were major updates, design changes, API functionalities added and better tools right now. If I finish some of my other projects, I'll consider coming back to Android development at a later date.

Krisviceral.Me (Ghost Blogging Platform)

I discovered the new Ghost blogging platform and thought it was cool. (1) It's called ghost. (2) It's a streamlined blogging platform. As much as I like Wordpress, it's too bloated and too much of a hassle to maintain if you're going for self-hosting. I decided to setup a new blog. I'm trying out the blogging platform and writing more personal informal articles on it. It's also a sandbox for learning about cloud-hosting, self-hosting and learning more on Unix. I'll keep this current blog for more technical articles.

Check it out at 

HelloI'mA.Ninja (Resume App)

A dot ninja domain? Whaaaaat? Of course I have to get one. What am I doing with all these domains? I don't know but it's nice to have some stuff to play around with. I'm playing around with a cloud-hosted server and hosting some web apps. I'm trying to learn more on web services, the new javascript technologies and more. I'll be hosting those projects here. I don't know where it'll go but we'll see where it goes.