Hello there! I'm Kris.

Currently, I'm a people manager in the SaaS space. I'm passionate about learning how to make work better for most folks. Better means cultivating an environment where people can be themselves and work well with others. You can read more in the next section.

I'm also a fullstack developer. I've worked on delivering, maintaining and improving backends, frontends and the tools and processes around it. You can find out more here.

Outside of that, I enjoy photography, food and video games. Ask me anything about those anytime over a nice cup of coffee. I love hearing people's favourite food memories, recipes and restaurants.

Disclaimer: Thoughts, and opinions expressed anywhere in this site are solely my own and do not necessarily reflect that of my current or any previous employer.

On People Management and the blog

The goal of people management is to get a group of individuals to make an impact to the organization's goals. That doesn't mean you have to do it in a way that is boring as that sentence. It's quite a journey but I think work can be fun, engaging and rewarding.

Why do we need to make it fun, engaging and rewarding? Because it can help get people to be at their best. People who are at their best do better quality work, stay longer and positively affect those around them.

How do we do that exactly? It's a long journey but here's my rough idea on it.

First, we start with the people as unique individuals. Each person has a different personality, perspectives and set of experiences. Understanding what drives them and how you can align to that is the critical foundation to the next steps.

Second, it's focusing on the people as a team. A team has certain set of goals, experiences, processes and culture. Enabling the team to see, talk about and improve each one of those will help build a fun, rewarding and engaging environment.

Lastly, we have to help the team consistently (ie: work-life balance) deliver high quality outcomes. This involves anything internal (processes, tooling) to the team but also external (dealing with other teams, roadblocks, etc). Critical part of this whole step is external visibility. We have to show the impact of the team's work to the rest of the organization.

Ok, but really, how do we do each thing in each step? ...I'm trying to figure it out. This is what this blog is about (most of the time). Join me in my journey!