Made Up Recipe: Bacon and Egg Roll/Maki
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Made Up Recipe: Bacon and Egg Roll/Maki

Terrible Photo is Mine
Made up recipe you say? We'll sometimes I just mix whatever food we have available. This week we had some bacon and some Nori (seaweed-the green thing in your maki or roll). Suddenly, it hit me. Why not make a bacon and egg maki? Since we did not have the traditional Japanese sticky rice, I had to settle for (normal?) newly cooked white rice. The nori was cut up into little squares so there was no rolling involved so let's just pretend that this is maki!

Nori or equivalent
Scrambled Eggs

2 Tablespoons Mayonnaise
1 Teaspoon Honey

Cook the bacon. If you want the bacon to be crispy, fry it. If you want it to be healthy, buy the "less fat" type of bacon and grill it. I personally prefer the grill method as its satisfying seeing all the fat drip out. Next prepare the nori. Now if your nori is a sheet you can choose to roll it. An alternative would be to cut it into little squares so that each person would assemble one.

While the bacon is sizzling, prepare the scrambled eggs. If you don't know how to make one, just get an egg and add some salt (optional milk). Whirl a fork around the egg and put it in the frying pan. Try to successfully flip the egg then  fry for a minute and your done. Simple!

Do you really need a procedure for the sauce? No.

When everything is cooked, slice up the bacon and eggs into little strips. Place the nori and add a little bit of rice to span the nori then place the lovely bacon and egg in the middle. You can either put the sauce in the middle or place it on top of your weird creation. You could also want to put a tad of soy sauce on the rice.

That's it. Enjoy!

Note: The photo above is terrible. Random rant: My monitor colors are off so I don't know how it really looks or how it should look. Someone donate an IPS monitor :(