Let's Talk About: Takuyaki
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Let's Talk About: Takuyaki

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What is this Takuyaki you speak of? Takuyaki is a street food originating from (you guessed it!) Japan. It almost looks as if it belongs to the array of Filipino street food but it doesn't. It's very different from what we usually see and eat.

What is it made of exactly?
It's made from Japanese people!

No. It's actually a fried octopus. Traditionally, the batter is made up of diced baby octopus, tempura scraps, pickled ginger and green onion. It's topped with okonomiyaki sauce, ponzu, evil high calorie mayonaise and fish shavings.

Locally, expect to see this combination (esp with uber cheap ones): A fried ball like creation and in the center a variation of diced octopus, a bunch of veggies and topped with mayo and a sauce you can not tell the name of.

Is it good?
I would say it's a hate it/love it affair. Personally, I like it. It tastes grate from the "quality" stalls and tastes like ubber rubbery crap from cheap ones. I would like to taste an authentic one though. So if anyone would care to sponsor an all-expense-paid trip to Japan, I'd be glad to give you a more accurate review.

Where can I try this?
Fortunately for you and me, we don't have to go to Japan to try this funky creation. It's now locally available in a variety of stalls nationwide.

How can I now if the stall has "quality" takuyaki?
There is no exact formula for this one. The only guide I can give you is to follow "you get what you pay for" line. Better quality stalls go for about 40 pesos per 3-4 peices. Don't expect a great for with the 20 pesos 4 peices one.

Stall Feature:
Name: Maru-Maru
Food: "Authentic" Takuyaki, Yakisoba, Etcetera
Price: 39/60/90 i think for 3/6/9 Pieces respectively

Comments: Pretty good takuyaki. I would rank it 2nd among the takuyaki's I tried.

Image courtesy: http://www.phoebeann.me/where-can-we-find-the-best-takoyaki-in-mnl/