Industry News and Quirky Link: My Google Plus Account
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Industry News and Quirky Link: My Google Plus Account

As you've noticed, there has been a recent slow down in posts. It's not because I'm tired or uninspired to blog but the issue is time again. Besides studying Java and AI, I've been busy with finding work. There's a lot of stuff going on. I do have a lot of topics I want to talk about but haven't gotten to it yet.

Blog vs Micro Blogging
I know I could post just snippets of thoughts but I prefer to give myself some time to really think about what I want to say and how I want to say it (most of the time anyway). I still think that blogspot or wordpress should be about well written thoughts. I don't want this ending up as a tumblr where everything is just a reshare or a quick quote.

Google Plus
What does this have to do with Google Plus? I think that Google Plus is a great service to share information and post quick thoughts or news. Why not twitter? I can't always compress my thoughts with 140 characters. Facebook you say? My facebook is for my friends and family. Google Plus is perfect for this scenario. I can share what I want to say without feeling limited on who I want to share it with and how I want to say it.

Add me up on your circles on Google Plus if you're interested. I share industry news most of the time. I also share some quirky or unique stuff I find on the web.