I Want To Lose Weight: Replace Every Drink with Water
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I Want To Lose Weight: Replace Every Drink with Water

I-want-to-lose-weight column (I have column names so you get an idea of what the topic would be) is about some simple tips to lose weight. These tips are relatively simple ideas that you can integrate in your daily life. No need to buy expensive food for fad diets. Since most of the tips that will be discussed is related to eating healthy, there is basically no danger to it.

Tip: Replace Every Drink with Water
Remember what they teach you in elementary? Drink 8 glasses of water a day. It's common sense to everyone yet I know no one really follows it. Seriously, 8 glasses. You'd think it's easy, but NO! We prefer sugary drinks above plain old boring colorless water.I know I do. You'd probably be saying, "what the hell? DUH!" But wait just a darn second. Let's just discuss why it can help you lose weight.

Here's a tad of mathematical data in some of the regular stuff you drink.

Calories in drinks:

Soft drinks/Pop/Cola/Sugar with carbonated water (330ml or 1 can)
Coke 132
Sprite 137
Mountain Dew 151

Juices/Stuff pretending to be healthy
Fit n' Right Pineapple 100
Minute Maid Orange 100+
C2 Apple 125+
(the bottle near 300ml)

Expensive Coffee (Venti 24oz/with whipped cream and whole milk)
Java Chip Frap 560
Choco Chio Frap 520
Caramel Frap 490

Regular Coffee (1 mug)
Nescafe Sweet n' Creamy Coffee 70

Liquor (General)
Regular Beer(12 oz) 153
Red Wine(5 oz) 125
Vodka, Rum (1.5 oz) 96

Plain Old Boring Water 0

What can we notice from these numbers? Well besides Starbucks' fraps are calorie bombs, there's about 100-150 calories in regular drinks. Comparing these drinks to water, which
has a zero calorie count, we can immediately assume that replacing water can make you drop your calories by a lot.

To put it this way: In the morning you drink coffee for 70 calories. During lunch you drink soda with your fastfood meal adding 150 calories. You get thirsty in the hellish heat of the Philippines and drink an ice tea to cool you down. That's an additional 125 calories (the close to 300ml bottle). For dinner you grab some juice for 100 more calories. Total: 445 Calories

Another variation: For breakfast you grab some juice for 100 calories. Lunch time adds another 125 for your ice tea. In the afternoon you grab a venti java chip with whipped cream and whole milk. An astonishing 560 calories is added. For dinner you drink a can of soda for another additional 150 calories. Total: 935

Recommended Daily Calorie intake is about 1500-2000 (depends on the person). A Frap is already 1/4th? Shit

If you replaced 445 calories with zero and obviously 935 for zero, you saved a hell lot of calories. Now, 445 calories is about the same as a light to moderate meal. 445 Calories a day for a week is a lot. That's a reason your putting on weight. Stop obsessing yourself with expensive coffee if you want to lose weight.

Go with water. It never hurts to be healthy right?

Note: Did you know that on the contrary to commercials, C2 doesn't have much nutritional benefits (look at the damn table before you drink it). Minute Maid even though its a "made from real fruit" juice doesn't give you vitamin C (look at the back of the bottle, again). Comparing it to Fit n' Right which gives you 100% vitamin C per bottle though with 22g of sugar, is a better alternative.

Note 2: Numbers are based on google and looking at the back of my favorite drinks. Goodbye expensive coffee. I'll miss you.

Note 3: My sister is a grammar nazi so I edited this post.. a lot.