Food Review: KFC's Wow Steak
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Food Review: KFC's Wow Steak

You've heard of reviews and you've heard of food (hopefully) but have you ever heard of food reviews? Of course you have. It's just that most of the food reviews we see are in the other side of the world. We're about to change that. Here's the 1st EVER blog [citation needed] that reviews foods in the Philippines.

The review format is in an easy to read what-I-liked-what-I-hated format. I then give a rating out of five out of the probability that my taste buds would like to be entertained by the same food again.

1st up: Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) Wow Steak

Menu Picture (courtesy of KFC PH site) :

Actual Picture (with a crap cam phone):

As a food lover, one of my favorite things to eat is chicken. It can be tasty anyway you cook it. I'm not too sure if it tastes good uncooked though and I don't want to know. Anyway, today we have a fried variation pretending to be a steak.

What I liked:
Price: With it's 55-60 peso price tag, (Depends on the greediness of your local KFC stall) it's hard not to try. If you don't feel like shelling out about 80+ pesos for the 1 piece original with rice then this is the next best thing. It's probably the most affordable chicken and rice meal in KFC.

Mushroom Sauce: I've been a fan of Jollibee's Burger Steak since it premiered in Jollibee's ever growing menu. The KFC variation of this sauce isn't as good though. It suits the chicken but in no way is it awesome. 95% of people prefer KFC's gravy though only 5% notice that the two sauces are actually different. Yes it's not the same.

What I hated:
Chicken: Contrary to actual steaks, the chicken is deep fried. Steaks are supposed to be grilled or at least pan fried. If you take a minute and inspect the chicken, its not even fillet (I think). It looks like a bunch of chicken fiber glued together to form one piece of chicken. The taste? Well it tastes like chicken. Nothing special.
Crispiness: Steaks aren't supposed to be crispy! This confuses me really. Why make it crispy when you're going to put sauce in it? No, we're not talking about dipping it in gravy. Putting sauce in it defeats the purpose of the crispiness because it wouldn't be crispy after 5 mins in that sauce.
KFC: The whole ordeal of actually attempting to order in KFC is more like waiting for Christmas. The line may not seem long but it's simply a deception. KFC compared to Mcdonald's is like comparing an F1 to a bike. It's that slow. Oh did I mention, the staff seems to be on slow-mo? No offense to anyone but really it would be nice if you could please give me my order within a 1-2 mins and not freakin' months.

Rant: SM Manila Branch KFC's customers seem to be the most uncivilized KFC customers, ever. Why on earth would someone leave a spoon with gravy in it in the holder thingy. Really why? Can't you just take it with your tray and get another spoon? Effin' Jerk.

Final Thoughts:
It's far from great and it's light years from awesome. The only thing that's going for it is the price. So overall, I don't like it but if I feel like just eating something for the sake of eating, this is decent enough. They should have really just renamed it to Supposed-to-be-steak-but-it's-really-not-Chicken-with-mushroom-sauce but I guess that wouldn't really fit in their menu.

Rating: 1.5 Chickens out of 5