FireFox 4 Beta
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FireFox 4 Beta

Okay so I know the blog hasn't been updated for a long while and believe me I have a lot of stuff I want to post but thesis defense is just around the corner so I have to focus on that.
So for the moment, I'll do a bunch of quick posts which feature something awesome.

Today we have: Firefox 4 Beta


What makes it awesome:

New Look

It may be similar to Google's Chrome but luckily it's not as minimalistic as Chrome. Let me be honest that I am not a fan of Chrome. It looks too minimalistic for me. I'm very much at home with Firefox. The new look is also optimized for efficiency. I'd go in to detail about usability but that would just bore you.

Best Feature: Organize Your Tabs with Panorama
You just have to see the video and try it out to see how cool it is.

That's just a glimpse of all the new features of Firefox 4 there's so much more like hardware acceleration but I don't have the time to describe the full details. Just check it out here: 

Download Link: