And... We're Back!
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And... We're Back!

[caption id="attachment_932" align="aligncenter" width="300"]l4d_hand_poster Back from the internet dead.. Image from Valve[/caption]

I haven't posted in a long time. October was my last post. In internet time, 3 months is like 5 years already. I've been caught up in work, life and other things that probably matter more (or so I would like to think). Anyway, here's below are the status of previous things and some of the things I plan to write about.

Status of Things:

Android Tutorial. On Hold. I've been seeing the series as a top read post on my blog. As you've noticed, It's been a long time since the last part of my Android tutorial. Don't worry! I haven't switched to iOS or BB10. I wrote them during a time where I had a good amount of free time, a rarity these days. Also, it would take a while to speed up to where I was again. I've changed phones, computers and much more and for now I am not setting that as a priority. I feel as if (maybe) it would be better to start a new project altogether. I haven't decided anything yet.

Encrypted Messenger. Stuck in limbo. I feel as I was a little too ambitious when I came up with the idea. I still love the idea but after working a couple of months and seeing where I am in terms of skills. I am not near that point where I should take this on yet. I'll be realistic in saying that I don't have the knowledge on the components needed to make this all happen. From an architectural standpoint, I would need to have a good grasp on how IM works, APIs for messaging, security (which is no small task). Hopefully, after I am much more familiar with a couple of things (I would say prerequisite to the project) I'll comeback to this.

On a side note, here`s an interesting discussion about security through obscurity.

Island Missile Commander.   **Read above. **What's the problem with this? In the same sense, it's the same as the project above. If my target platform and technology (Win-Desktop, Java) I would use would be the same as my project then I could get started and going with the project but alas it is not! I planned this to be "ported" to mobile and dammit I will make it happen (someday). The biggest challenge here is deciding on an engine and art assets. Two very big challenges for someone who is a hobby developer.

If you're interested in what looks like a good game engine, check out Unity.  Good luck!


What to write about then? For the moment, I plan on posting of my personal impressions on new things in the industry. Along with that, maybe start a series on web application development. Another tutorial that will be stuck in limbo? Hopefully not. I'm definitely still new to web development but I use it pretty commonly so it'll be much easier to write about (and be better at, at the same time!).

Down the road I plan to do some tests here and there. Tests of what? To reach the above projects on hold, I need to do some proof-of-concepts and just do dummy tests. Hopefully I can do that in the coming months!

Thanks for reading!