AMS: Answer My Questions Trivia Game

Project Info:

AMS is a project I started to learn about Android development. Instead of just learning by myself, I decided to also create tutorials for it. There wasn't a lot of tutorials that cover creating an application from start to finish. I wanted to make one (hopefully someone would find it useful). As the name suggests, it's a trivia game similar to "Who wants to be a Millionaire". The project would touch on the basics of creating an application in Android and use a lot of the common functionalities available. Hopefully, once it's done and polished, I could also cover creating a developer account on the Google Play Store and how to release it.

Check out the full series with this link: Tutorial Series.


Update: ****AMS was a tutorial series I setup before as I learn Android development. The series pretty much ended near the time I started working full-time. The source code is still available for those who want to check it out. At this moment, there are much more up-to-date articles for the budding Android developer. The Android platform has grown rapidly since I wrote the original articles. There were major updates, design changes, API functionalities added and better tools right now. If I finish some of my other projects, I'll consider coming back to Android development at a later date.

Currently, the project is stuck on "Part 5". I have a couple of proof-of-concepts on some of things covered in the next part but have not had the time to create tutorials for it. A lot of interesting personal events happened after the last post but things are starting to be more consistent. Once finished with polishing this site, I would continue it. I've added code snippets using the code plugin from WordPress (Alex Gorbachev's Syntax Highlighter) on older posts. I'm manually adding it so there might be a mistake. Check with the images as it's the original code.

Source Code:


Below are some of the screenshots and/or mock UI during the development of the project.