A Better Business Model for UFC Online Media
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A Better Business Model for UFC Online Media

Let me start by saying I'm a fan of Mixed Martial Arts(MMA). It's not the violence that's attractive about the sport (maybe just a bit). For me, it's the art form of martial arts. It's about the fighters obtaining all these skills from different martial arts from Jiu-jitsu, Karate, Judo, Aikido, Muay Thai, etc and using it to form their own unique  fighting style. It's also amazing to see people in peak athletic form. It's amazing to see someone like Anderson "Spider" Silva dodge punches as is it was in [slow motion](http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iyhsDZna6AE&feature=player_detailpage#t=37s) (video link).

It's Expensive to Watch
The problem with watching the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) is that it's expensive. Most of the biggest fights are pay-pay-view and costs $50 (2,500php). It would be great if I had a lot of people to watch it with to share the cost but unfortunately no. There is the option of going to the local restaurant but I don't always want to be in what feels like a PUB. I just want to watch it at home most of the time.

I started watching UFC back in the Philippines. Most events was shown for free at a local TV station. It was great. Free UFC events on Sunday brunch time just after I woke up late. Unfortunately, there is no such luxury here. There is a recent deal with UFC and FOX but I don't know how that will affect it yet.

I don't want to watch the realty-tv or other lousy events. I just want to watch most big events. I watched the UFC 134 at a local restaurant and it was a good experience. Good fight and decent food. When UFC 135 came around, I didn't want to go to the restaurant just to watch. I wanted to do it at home. Checking the Roger's Cable, again it is $50 unsurprisingly. I checked online and its still $50.

50 Dollars is too Expensive Every Time
I hope there is an alternative to watching the event cheaper at home. Researching the site, UFC has UFC.tv which is a site to watch and order fights. Sadly, it's $80 for 6 months. You can buy some videos on fights for $2 but some of it is quite old.

I want to watch some recent fights. The past day I just wanted to see a replay on the Jones vs Rampage fight but there was none. Here's something on top of my head right now. What if this was possible?

  • Main Fight Only: $15
  • Undercards per fight $8-10
  • Package 1: Main Fight  + 2 undercards $30
  • Live Stream Only (Whole Event): $35
    Keep in mind that these are only available through their online viewer. It has a couple of options for people who just want to watch it through their computers at a more affordable price. There is also the option of Live Stream Only so that you could only watch it once. If you wanted to watch it again, there is an option for $50 which you can watch anytime. There is also an option for main fight only. What if people just wanted to watch the main fight but wouldn't pay to watch the whole event? That option is for them. A lot of different choices would be nice.

If it's not as lucrative to the UFC why not offering the above prices with ads. Similar to YouTube's ad's at the beginning of each match and maybe even round. I wouldn't complain on an ad-filled version if it meant that I would get a more affordable price on viewing.

While they're at it. Can they improve UFC.tv? It could use some improvements on usability, design, and show discovery and searching. How about a bit more minimalism?

Anyway it's just an idea and of course it could still be improved but I hope something similar is implemented so I can watch more fights. The next one I'll probably watch is GSP vs Condit after that? Maybe not after a few months again.